Is Mobile Poker a Good Thing?

mobile poker

Mobile Poker is Here

With the advances made in technology, poker enthusiasts are now able to play mobile poker. Who’d have thought when the poker boom happened, we would one day have the ability to play poker on our phones? At face value, it’s great isn’t it? You can get bonuses, play practically anywhere and earn on the move.  If you’re a winning player already, you may think this will increase your earning potential, particularly if there are more recreational players on their mobile phones playing poker against you.

There are some disadvantages to playing mobile poker too though which are highlighted below.

Small Screen

Most mobiles are not that big. If you’re playing mobile poker, chances are you on an iPhone or Android which is a lot smaller than a PC screen or even a tablet. This is not great for visibility or your eyesight. You are more likely to make errors or mis-click the buttons playing on a small screen.


The most obvious problem with playing on your phone is the distractions you are likely to encounter. You’re more than likely playing in an environment with noise, TV on, people around. This means you are not as likely to give the game enough concentration. Poker is a mental game and it’s challenging enough without distractions. If you add noise, conversations and TV to the mix, it is only likely to hurt your hourly win rate. If you insist on playing on your phone, please turn off notifications. There’s nothing worse than having WhatsApp messages pop up when you’re in an important hand.

Difficulties with Multi-Tabling

If you are at your best playing 2-4 tables, then you will want to take this to mobile poker. This is difficult to say the least, while some sites allow you to multi table and your table will pop up when it’s your action, there is no denying that the visibility you have on a PC or laptop far outweighs the capacity to multi table effectively on a mobile. Depending on the games you play, one table may be your optimum anyway but if playing 1 table harms your win rate than maybe mobile poker isn’t for you.

Burn Out

Believe it or not, you can play too much poker. If you’re playing poker on your PC or laptop and then playing lots on your phone too, you might just be playing too much. This is negative for several reasons including personal wellness and your ability to earn. It’s good idea to track how much you are playing as burn out is a real issue for poker players, even the best ones. Many players just want to earn and will play far too long because they think the game is good or they have an edge. Having ability to mobile poker certainly increases the likelihood of burn out and fatigue. If you think you suffer from burn out, read our article on how to prevent burn out.

The Advantages of Mobile Poker

Now we have the bad out the way, let’s focus on some good points too. Playing on mobiles is extremely convenient. You can literally fire up a cash game session from anywhere. This convenience is very appealing to the modern gambler. No more time waiting around for your PC to load up! It means you are not at the mercy of your internet provider. With most of us having 4G, we can get extremely strong internet connections and can easily switch from Wi-Fi to 4G with minimum fuss.

Playing on our phone allows us to increase the volume we play too. This is particularly useful if you’re clearing bonuses or trying to generate rakeback. If you’re putting in a lot of hours, playing on your phone helps tick things along. Even if your win rate drops slightly but you’re still winning, you’re probably ok with that.

Finally, all the major sites offer mobile poker. You won’t find shoddy sites offering good poker apps. This means you can trust those that have developed decent poker apps.


Mobile poker is convenient and can be a useful tool, particularly for a beginner wanting to learn. Check out pokerappguide if you want to know the best poker app sites around. For the serious player hoping to maximise earnings and play their best, it’s probably not as appropriate but should still be profitable.

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