Online Blackjack: Top Strategies for Beginners

online blackjack for beginners

Other than poker, online blackjack is probably the most skill-based casino game available. Unlike games like slots, there is plenty of player input. This is an appealing aspect as it means there is more player control. We know most readers our site are thinkers and strategy based. That’s why in this article we’ve conducted lots of research to ensure you get the best blackjack betting strategy we can offer.

Before we get into the do and don’ts of blackjack, we must make a small disclaimer. This guide doesn’t guarantee you’ll win. It’s purely designed to give you a better chance of success. The house has the edge in all casino games so remember to gamble responsibly at all time.

The Stakes & Bankroll Management

As with any form of gambling, playing within your means is critical. You need to ensure you’re playing within limits and can afford what you’ve sat at the table with. You’ll need to ensure you have plenty in your account to consider blackjack as the game goes fast. Additionally, money can go fast when you’re doubling down or the only one playing at an online blackjack table.

Unlike poker where bankroll management easier to adhere to due to the buy-ins, blackjack is played differently. You’re not going to be moving all in for 100 big blinds because each deal is a new game. Therefore, we just recommend common sense and prudence. Set limits and stick to them. Like poker, you can set a stop loss which means if you are down X amount, you get up and leave. A stop loss is an effective tool to protecting your bankroll and ensuring you don’t lose too much in a single session.

Blackjack Strategy 101

It matters in what casino you’re playing online blackjack games on; the options will always be different since you will have tables with different betting budgets, but the applied strategies remain the same. You will have the choice to stand, hit, double, split or surrender. In some cases, you will only have hit or stand (the most common). Whilst many blackjack hands are very easy to play perfect strategy i.e., standing a 20, things can get tricky you’re dealt a 15 or 16.

Therefore, we’ve created a little guide for you below. Please note that where there is a forward slash, it is because some games won’t give you the option. So, if the option is to “DOUBLE/HIT”, we are recommending you double and if not, then hit.

Feel free to download and save and keep near you when you gamble.

Ignore Old Strategies

Like lots of casino games, there are strategies that circulate blackjack tables which hold no value in reality. For instance, the idea that wins and losses comes in streaks is prevalent amongst gamblers and blackjack players too. If they win a few hands in a row, they will certainly stay longer, happy to play their “winning streak” even if they are mentally drained from a long session. In truth, there are no streaks, it’s just probability coming into play. When you play lots of hands, you will feel like you are in waves and streaks but it’s just variance. Our minds are not always the best for recall either so you may remember the big wins and losses more than the average ones. 

The other old strategy that is popular today is the Martin Gale. Whilst there are some merits to this strategy in other games, it’s fundamentals fall flat for a lot of us. Firstly, it rests largely on the assumption you have infinite bankroll. Unless you’re a millionaire, this strategy is a ticking time bomb as you will eventually see a session where you lose many hand in a row. Secondly, this strategy doesn’t work in practice when there are table limits. You cannot keep doubling your wager when the maximum bet has been reached. We recommend staying away from the Martin Gale system.

Bankroll Boosters

No guide wouldn’t be complete without recommending you take advantage of ways to boost your bankroll. This can easily be accomplished by looking for the best blackjack bonuses online. Many online casino sites will offer a welcome bonus to sign up which can be as high as £500. Alternatively, if you’re already signed up to an online casino, keep your eye out for reload bonuses or play sweepstakes for free. These are neat ways to build your bankroll up and increase your ROI. As stated before, the house has the edge in casino games so you need to be attentive to all ways to increase your blackjack bankroll.

Conclusion on Online Blackjack

We proudly believe Texas Hold’em is the best gambling variant online but blackjack is right up there in 2nd place. Why? It is the casino game where the house traditionally has the smallest edge. This means, with practice and good decision making it is arguably the most profitable form of gambling for punters today. If you combine the tips in this article, conduct some research and speak with a blackjack expert, you can hope to do well. This article has merely touched upon the key strategy to do well in blackjack. There is advanced strategy available too. If you’re new to blackjack, the first point from this article is to find where to play blackjack online and start playing for small stakes or even free. Get to grips with how the game works and take it from there.

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